Conscious Sedation

We want you to lose your fear of the dentist, that's why we offer you this service, which will make you stop making excuses when it comes to attending your appointment.

If in your case you have little time to go to the clinic, this is also the solution you need. Sedation is the way to start your dental treatment easily and smoothly. In addition, we can optimise your consultations and move forward with your treatment as quickly as possible.

No risks

Patient safety

No pain

We provide you with the best specialists in sedation to make your stay at the clinic as pleasant as possible.

Conscious sedation is based on putting the patient into a state of total relaxation through medication. This process is always controlled by the sedation specialist. In this state of relaxation, the patient does not lose their respiratory reflexes, nor their response to verbal stimuli given by the dentist, and they are always able to collaborate during the dental process, but always without feeling anything.

This series of drugs produces a certain transitory amnesia of the treatment carried out in the oral cavity, so the patient will not remember anything of what was carried out at the appointment. Recovery after sedation is fairly quick, but we always advise the patient to be accompanied on the day of the visit.

At Clínica Dental Torroella & Martínez we collaborate with an excellent group of anaesthesiologists to help you forget your fear of the dentist.


Conscious sedation is a widely used treatment for patients with fear of the dentist or very long treatments, greatly reducing the patient's anxiety.


Are you afraid of needles or pain, do you get tired of having your mouth open for a long time, do you have a phobia of the dentist? Forget it, this is the best solution for you.

Conscious sedation treatments

Clinical cases with Conscious Sedation

  • No side effects
  • Improving patient comfort
  • Reducing stress

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