Conservative Dentistry

We use 100% biocompatible materials in the same colour as your tooth.

We restore teeth that have lost their shape due to fractures, wear and tear or dental caries. Conservative or restorative dentistry encompasses numerous possibilities within dentistry.

Conservative dentistry treatment.

Restorative dentistry


Healthy teeth

Dental caries is the main factor that this speciality deals with. Caries is a multifactorial disease that causes the destruction of the hard tissues of the tooth caused by acids generated by bacterial plaque from food debris.

Caries is caused by poor oral hygiene, lack of flossing, not eating a balanced diet and altered saliva pH.

To prevent tooth decay, it is important to learn how to improve your oral hygiene, improve your diet and have regular check-ups.

When performing your oral hygiene at home it is important that you know what type of toothpaste to use. Depending on your oral problem, we can advise you which type of toothpaste would be best for you. There are specific toothpastes to protect us from caries or to improve our gums.

At Clínica Dental Torroella & Martínez we advise you on how to take care of your teeth.


Prevention is the key. In annual check-ups through oral examination and the use of X-rays we will help detect small cavities before they advance and we will advise you on how to improve your oral hygiene, as well as your eating habits. We believe that regular monitoring of your oral health can help you control the development of cavities and other problems.


Restorative dentistry helps us to recover the dental structure that we have lost for different reasons. There are various treatments that help us to do this, such as composite reconstructions, inlays or aesthetic reconstructions which are carried out with a highly aesthetic composite. This series of treatments help us to restore the function of our tooth and thus keep it healthy again in the mouth, avoiding any possible complications.

Restorative dentistry treatment

Clinical cases of conservative dentistry

  • Restore destroyed dental tissues
  • Restoring functionality
  • 100% biocompatible materials

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