Digital smile design

Digital Smile Design is a diagnostic and treatment planning tool through which we can communicate with you and the laboratory.

Using a computer, a series of specific photographs and videos, DSD allows us to create a comprehensive treatment plan and design a new smile customised to the patient's age, gender, facial features and personality.

Digital Smile Design treatment.

Digital dentistry

Diagnosis and planning

Personalised smile

With this type of tool and pre-acquired models of your teeth, you will be able to see the result in your mouth before treatment begins, allowing any modifications to be made before treatment begins and leading to more predictable success. DSD is a sign of the evolution of digital dentistry due to the continuous demands of patients in dental aesthetics, as well as in understanding the purpose of the treatment.

The patient's opinion about the treatment to be performed is very important to us. With this type of tool you can forget the fear of not knowing what we are going to do or how it is going to look or that you might not like it afterwards. The DSD gives us the option to analyse everything before we start..

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This is a digital design by means of which the patient will be able to see the entire design of their smile on the computer and intervene in it, looking for the shape and colour that best suits their facial shape. We must bear in mind that the shape of our teeth is related to the shape of our face and our personality; just as the colour of our teeth must be related to our skin tone. By means of this system the patient will see what type of treatment we want to carry out in their mouth.

Digital Smile Design provides greater patient confidence, increased safety, personalisation, treatment preview and better results.

Digital Smile Design Treatment

DSD clinical cases

  • Better communication
  • Immediate results
  • Predictable treatment

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