We extend the life of your teeth by removing the pulp tissue (the nerve) and filling it with an inert material that allows it to continue to function.

The main reason for endodontics is pain caused by caries or deep restoration, but there are other reasons such as the presence of fractures, large wear and tear, phlegmons, prosthetic reasons...

Endodontic treatment.

Tooth preservative


Dental restoration

Endodontics helps us to keep our tooth in the mouth for longer, as it is one of the last treatments carried out before the final decision to extract it.

In endodontics it is very important to diagnose the case and to know the reasons why we have to carry out the root canal treatment. Most cases are due to deep caries, but other reasons can be old deep restorations, fractures, trauma, endo-periodontal infections, prosthetic reasons, etc.

For a good diagnosis, we need the necessary complementary tests, one of the most important being 2D and 3D X-rays to assess the teeth affected, number of roots, etc.

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The treatment consists of removing the dental pulp, better known as the dental nerve, from inside the roots of the tooth. For this reason, depending on the tooth, we will find more or less nerves. The removal of the nerve is carried out mechanically and chemically, which helps us to extract the nerve and the disinfection process of the cavity. Once this phase has been completed, the cavity must be filled with an inert material that seals well to avoid reinfection. At this point the endodontics is finished and we must move on to restoring the tooth. Once the endodontic treatment has been completed, the tooth lacks any kind of sensitivity.

On numerous occasions in endodontic teeth, due to the great destruction caused by caries or fractures, a great loss of dental structure can be observed. This loss leads to a more fragile tooth, so it would be necessary to carry out a treatment that helps to protect the tooth, such as an inlay or cap.

Endodontic treatment

Clinical cases of endodontics

  • Pain-free
  • Tooth preservation
  • Bacteria elimination

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