We plan your case by means of a 3D Digital study.

With the help of dental implants we can completely solve the absence of teeth and thus improve chewing skills, speech and the aesthetics of our smile.

Natural appearance

Improved facial appearance

Permanent solution

By means of dental implantology we can replace those teeth you have lost, and give you back the ability to chew and smile without any problems. We plan your case by means of an individual 3D Digital study without the need to travel to an external radiology centre.

Together with our specialist in dental implantology, we carry out a personalised study, which includes a 3D X-ray to evaluate the ideal position for placing the implant in the bone and the position of the prosthesis that will be placed on the implant.


The dental implant is a titanium structure that is placed in the bone in order to replace missing teeth. Once the implant has osseointegrated, we proceed to place the prosthesis, which is the piece that replaces the lost tooth.

Nowadays, with the numerous studies that endorse dental implants, we consider them to be the best option for replacing missing teeth, as it is a conservative treatment with the remaining teeth in the mouth and comes to act as our own teeth.

Dental implant treatment

Clinical cases of implantology

  • Helps preserve bone
  • Improves chewing
  • Prevents movement of adjacent teeth

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